about us

Company Profile

Siraj Renewable Energy  was initiated at the end of 2019, it is an Engineering, Procuring and Construction (EPC) company whose founders are professionals who came from different parts of the world (North America, UK, Qatar and Sudan) and started a renewable company to serve specific customer’s needs in Sudan. One of Siraj’s founders had a company in Canada that specialized in Residential Solar. The core business of the company is to participate in the provision of quality, sustainable and renewable energy generators for customers in Sudan. Our core value is the growth of sustainable development in the region. 

We are engaged with few clients and our portfolio include:

> Customers requiring Solar Power Systems for their properties. Our scope of work covers systems that are designed for residential, commercial or industrial business.

> Customers requiring irrigation for their gardens, farms or agriculture projects. 

> We have built our special product which is a Solar Powered Container Unit, we can transfer shipping containers to units that can be used as offices, farm irrigation equipment control rooms, medical units, caffes, restaurants or restrooms.

> We are also capable of designing solar power solutions based on our customers needs.

> Our After Sales and Customer Support team are committed to maintaining all solar system products.

> Our Sales and Retail section are ready to provide dealers and buyers with our products.